museum exhibit design

what are the strong exhibit design firms in the midwest? are there any?

There are several good exhibit companies - not a lot of design studios specializing in exhibit design. Exhibit’s are not like products, where firms are everywhere. The industry is way to niche.

Chicago is a good town for exhibit work - most likely, you will be working at a full service company. There are a couple of exhibit design studios in Ohio, I think, but not very good design IMO. Mauk design is in California, but I here he works people hard. Then again, the exhibit industry is a sweat shop industry.

I have a firm in Texas - we’re not to shabby.


not sure about straight museum design firms.
There are good exhibit design companies:

These are in IL area:

ExhibitGroup Giltspur
3D Exhbits
Heritage Exhibits
Mice North America

Rumor has it Exhibit Group is having financial troubles.
Derse is “World Class” but I think their office in the burbs is Sales only.
Heritage used to be a leader in the industry. The owner closed several offices around the country and left only Chicago. He’s great for a rugby conversation but am not sure where he’s taking Heritage anymore.

broozee, burn those bridges! nice
and even post a link to your company. big balls