Museum Exhibit design--Internships?

I am looking to learn more about Exhibit Design Firms in and around DC, Philly or Baltimore. Do any offer summer internship/employment opportunities? Which firms are most innovative?


Heres a short list of the big boys and their locations if you want some hard core experience:
Exhibit Works - Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles
they do major exhibits like car shows and other $$$$$$ projects.
H.B. Stubbs Co. - Chicago, Detroit, LA, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale(Phoenix)
they do major car shows, mobile exhibits, museums
George P. Johnson - What don’t they do.
Detroit, Boston, LA, New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, Beijing, London, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Stuttgart, Sydney, Tokyo.

Here are your locals:

I’d seek out one of the first three if possible. Nothing like having a million dollar car show exhibit on your resume before you even graduate.

The various institutions that make up the Smithsonian offer internships, mostly in the DC area. Some are paid; most are not.