Mural painting

A friend of mine did a mural a while back. It was around 6’X6’.

she got $1,400 plus supplies, which was sweet, but it took her way too long to finish the damn thing. A projector would’ve probably cut the time in half, but the time factor is all based on technique and experience.

My question was and is: if it’s only gonna be 6’X6’ and not cover the whole wall, why not just commision a painting on canvas.

IMO a mural should be either covering a wall or at least be boarderless (like leaves or vines comming from the ceiling, more decoration then centralized art). In her case and in yours it sounds like it would centralized artwork. What’s the point? why not hang a painting? this gives the client more options down the road, and you the freedom of doing it at home.

Maybe I’m off base, but as for price, I’d go closer to $2,000 and get the F*#k outta there by the 5th day :smiley:

It all depends on how much experience you got and which technique you use. I’ve done a few over the last 10 years. We charged by sqm and based on our experience. We painted abstract mostly, which is easier. It can go anywhere from 80-250€ per sqm. (I know its Euro, compare it with what you would charge for a 1 sqm painting using acryl on canvas).

We used acrylic paint as it dries quickly (which can be a pain sometimes, I admit) but it can be wiped off with a damp cloth from time to time. The wall has to be prepared for acrylic paint in order to avaoid the paint flaking off after a while. At least that is what we have been doing here in Germany.

As for the time, well again, its based on your experience and what technique you use. All I can say is, try to use the fastest and easiest technique. Otherwise it can get tough after the second week especially when you can’t leave or take a break for a day or two. Customers don’t really appreciate it and often don’t know how much work goes into it! Once we managed to finish a 40sqm mural in under 2 weeks! We were two and I guess we just had to get it done.

For writing (no hand writing) we used lettering stencils (is that the correct word for it? i forgot. sorry!) which we had cut out of adhesive film by a computer. This adhesive film is supposed to stick, but make sure it doesn’t stick too much so that the entire paint comes off as well when you remove it! Just stick it where you need it. Make sure the brush is dry, use hardly any paint! No water. Otherwise you won’t get any sharp lines. It’s a nightmare to clean up lines; takes longer than painting the letters by hand to start off with.

Hope this information helped a little bit.

Sorry, although I spent some time in the US as well as in England, I still haven’t managed inches and feet. :confused: How big is 10x10 in meters?

Yes, we just used regular Acrylic paint you can buy in art supply stores. Of course there are differences in quality of colour but you definitely don’t need the expensive acrylic. Regular is just fine.

We also don’t use anything to seal it with. As acrylic is plastic (to describe it in a very simple way) and quite elastic even when it’s dry, you can’t wash it off once it has dried. It can flake off when it doesn’t stick to the surface it’s applied on. I’m not sure what the stuff (base) we use for preparing the wall would be called in the US ( I guess the German name for it won’t help much :wink: ). We can buy it in special paint stores. Yes, that might be a possibilty to ask in such stores (the proper once I mean, the once that specialize on paint). The best way I can describe it is: it’s a clear sticky liquid. You just brush it onto the wall and let it dry for about 12 hours. When you touch it before it has dried properly, you can feel that it is a little bit sticky. Once you done that, you can start and paint. You won’t feel this base when you paint, it’s just there as a composite that works like glue in combination with the paint.

Great to be of help! :smiley:

If this mural is about the size of a wall 3m x 2,50m then i think 2000 plus supplies is a fair price. As I said people often underestimate the work that goes into a mural painting! It’s nothing like painting on canvas. Canvas you can carry and lay on the floor which for obvious reasons you can’t do with a wall.

Just prepare yourself before you start. Make a scale drawing/sketch of the mural, it will be easier to get the right proportions once you stand in front of the real thing. I had some good expriences using a projector but you need to have the space to use it.

Well, this is kinda cool/fun.

I just wonder how you guys always find websites with these how-to and other fun info and design galleries. Maybe I should spend more time browsing the net… ?

i sometimes talk to myself too when i get bored.