Mundane Design of Frontload Washing Machine

Hi guys,

I need to know as much as possible about frontload washing machine in very very very short time, so i’ll resort this.
Hope u guys could help me with it.

I need to know the problems that you face daily when using the frontload washing machine.
Any problems? Any complains ?
Why does the design of the frontload washing machine have to looks the same, is there a myth to it ?
Would u prefer other colors rather than the usual whitish, aluminium, steel, grey with their explanation
of being "Timesless " ?

Our apartment in the UK came supplied with an older Zanussi front-load washer/dryer… it’s really the epitomy of what a washer shouldn’t be. It’s older, and most of the problems are with usability, so I would guess newer versions are better. I’ve been waiting for a chance to complain about this thing for a while!

Top 3 complaints:

The wastewater and air exhaust share the same pipe exiting the wash chamber. Lint builds up in there very fast and blocks the escape of the water, leaving a small amount to be left before the blockage. If you try to clean the machine, it all pours out… every single time

There is a locking feature on the door that is very unclear how to disengage, say you want to stop the dryer and remove something - you can’t just open the machine, you have to turn everything off and wait, then it disengages

The worst part - the controls are completely confusing. Again, I am sure that newer machines are better, but this particular one wants the general weight of the clothes, preferred RPM, and has a very confusing wash type set-up. We’ve lived here for 7-8 months now, read the instructions, but I still wonder about how to set it…

Oh, it seems to hold less than a top loading machine. Roughly half of what I would normally use in a load. Maybe a UK thing?

About the design, the cylindrical inner chamber is a real defining part of the machine, which drives the circle motifs you often see in the exteriors. What are you thinking might be a “myth”? I would prefer more color, especially something classic that won’t look dated after a few years… you don’t want to change washers like you would buy new shoes or clothes (every half year or so)

the main problems as described are: limeted capacity of the washer dryer combo, the need to manually transfer items from washer to seperate dryer, cycle times and the waste products.

the biggest myth is that you need water and detergent plus hot air to accomplish these tasks in the home.

These are rounded squares…

I have separate washer/dryer not the combo. I have a Maytag Neptune system and could not be happier. The only beef I have is that you need to keep the door propped open to allow the inside to dry out, otherwise it starts to smell after a while.

There are a lot of different colors available now if you walk into a home depot or some other place where they sell these machines.
By the way, you will get much better info if you ask this question on a forum/website dedicated to housewares, cleaning, homemaking(men or women!). Now if you come up with a way to have the machine fold my clothes then you will get my attention.
Picture 75.png
Picture 76.png

ha, that’s funny, I’ve done displays for both those LG square doored machines and the GE ones too.

We have blue ones at home, can’t remember the brand right now, how bad is that.
we have them on pedestals… maybe they should be built like that anyway not as an option because I’m sure it would be a pain to keep bending down.

Interestingly the GE machine uses some pretty nifty technology… you actually empty the whole washing liquid bottle into a tank at the base and it regulates the amount it uses depending on the cycle and load weight.

The problem I have at home is the doors are hinged on the wrong side because the plumbing for our washer is on the right but the door hinges on the left… so moving stuff from the washer to the dryer is a pain because the doors are in the way.

Maybe a door that swings down instead of sideways could be an option… or up I suppose.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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Door Gasket MOLD…

Moisture is harbored in the door gasket, and being in a warm, dark, place (the inside of the washer) a perfect environment is created for mold. Now owners of a new LG front loading washer (the motor controller recently crapped out on the Neptune) we always carefully wipe off the glass window, the entire inside of the door gasket, and tuck a small towel into the gasket at the bottom to act as a wick to attract whatever water is still in the gasket. It’s a pain in the arse.

Our laundry room was built with overhanging cabinets which prevent the door on top loading washers (my preference) to be opened fully. Don’t even get me started on what the guy who designed this house calls himself…

I couldn’t care less what color the damned thing is. But living with a mold farm in the laundry room is BS (unless I can cultivate mushrooms in it). The claim to fame for front-loaders is that they use less water. But they also typically do smaller load weights, so I think it’s a toss-up as to which type is “greener”.

Okay - something IS going on on this website this morning… I have done a couple of “previews” and sometimes it kicks me over to the “log-in” page and then presents a blank “post a reply” field. Some times it does not. “Backing-buttoning” retrieves the text. This is not occurring with any predictability.

travisimo, nearly all laundry machine doors are reversable…?

Another myth is that there can be up to 64 even 128 different wash cycles. In reality, there are only four.

I don’t know, this one that came with our place is really old… that’s interesting to know though, AND interesting to see some of the pics you guys have posted. Ive never shopped for a washer-dryer, or seen any of the models pics posted. Wow, really red!

LMO and others have identified the main problem: the door gasket. My old one also used to always have a little water underneath the wash basin. It’s like they can’t drain 100%.

Mind you, several makes have high efficiency top loaders now. Lots to think about…

Top loaders are great if you have the space, but a washing machine is a big old piece of equipment and if you live in a small apartment chances are you are going to want to maximise on space so that you can fit it under a worktop. My washing machine sits below the worktop between my kitchen sink and my microwave and, because you have to leave the door open when not in use, I am always thumping my knee into the door when doing something at worktop level. And despite the great looking machines that you can spend a fortune on, those in the lower price bracket (i.e. those provided in rental properties) just don’t cut it when compared to other kitchen appliances in the looks department.

really tho, how many forums out there are dedicated to doing your laundry?

really tho, how many forums out there are dedicated to doing your laundry?

Look for people who DO a lot of laundry. For example, a parenting forum. example…?

1.1 Million

There are plenty of sites dedicated to mom’s and housekeepers and all types of people who do laundry and they will have different opinions then designers. However I will say this has gotten some good responses.

wow, didn’t realize.

I see that some apartments have their washers located in the living room, how is that possible for the piping ?
My house washer is located at the kitchen, near the toilet because the piping is located there.

I’m just curious… does anyone with a more modern washer-dryer all in one have issues with the lint building up and blocking the water’s escape? Does yours use the same exit for the water and the air?