Mudbox or ZBrush or Modo for creative sculpting?

I’m trying to get some creative sculpting software and wonder which one would you recommend for product design and ideation and why - MODO, ZBRUSH OR MUDBOX. I’m using Cintiq touch so UI aspect also matters to me.

If you are a student then you can probably get Mudbox for free, just like most of Autodesk’s programs. I haven’t used any of them enough to make a recommendation one way or another though.

Student or not - price don’t really matter. What mattes to me is to find the right tool so I can get quality job done easier and quicker.

All 3 have trial versions - why not try them and decide for yourself?

Otherwise it’s kind of like having a Solidworks vs Creo vs Catia discussion - all 3 have great benefits, some of which come down to the type of work you are doing, and some which come down to preference.

You right. Would love Catia with Cintiq 24 HD touch but eventually gave up on it due to quality of the screen compared to my iMac 27" or rMBP

modo is super easy to use and extremely powerful. It’s also a lot more than just sculpting - it’s a poly/subdiv modeler, sculptor, renderer and animation package.

Zbrush is probably the most powerful sculptor on the market now. It’s also pretty difficult to use (IMO), and not as intuitive as modo.

Mudbox is pretty exclusively a sculptor. It’s probably more powerful with sculpting than modo, but doesn’t have the same modeling capabilities (it’s pretty much only a sculptor), and is less powerful than zBrush.

Check out Sculptris. It’s free, put out by the same people who make Zbrush, and while it lacks features it’s a really good sculptor. Probably would be fine for your needs and learning the basics.