Mudbox in design?

I just received an email from Autodesk about them acquiring another company: Mudbox. I had never heard of this before, so I took a look at there website:

I don’t understand their description, so I think I’ll download their trial version sometime. Has anyone ever used this program? Can it be used in design?

Digital sculpting sounds pretty interesting. Looks like you can create hi-polygon models for visualizations vs. low-poly models for animation/games

Definitely checking it out.

Mudbox is similar to Zbrush - it’s a 3D sculpting tool which is very effective at creating extremely high resolution details which in the past would have to be faked using things like bump maps or extremely complex geometry.

Does it have use in design? Maybe, it depends on your industry. I think the digital scuplting tools could be really useful in something like footwear. You could scuplt all your textural details on a base mesh in a side view, and then boom - instantly have a full 3D model of it that could be colored and rendered.

I purchased a seat of Mudbox for character design and what I thought might be a side use for ID. Right now it is not built for ID. The only viable CG software that could be used for ID standalone is Maya where the subdiv surfaces can be converted to nurbs.

Tsplines is also a great translator for CG models to manufacturable nurbs. I think that the first CAID company that presents a sculpt based interface will be the future leader in the field IMHO.