Much needed feedback on portfolio


I’m new to these forums and it seems to be THE place for product designers. I’m a recent graduate and on the job hunt aiming to crack into the product design industry and in need of some advice on how to bolster and improve the portfolio. My portfolio is linked below:

Having recently added a wristwatch design to my portfolio, I’m aware it is still lacking in some areas. For Biopodz, the research report still needs to be included and it is a project which doesn’t require any electronics or modern technology. For future designs some cross sections and exploded views showing the interiors and how products function are required. As a whole, I’m aware the portfolio requires a few more pieces. Some new projects are in the air, but going to commit time to primary research to discover needs to problems in the real world.

Can the seasoned veterans and experts in the industry pinpoint me in the right direction? Where am I going wrong and what have I gotten right? I would be forever in your debt and deeply appreciative.


Sean what type of jobs are your trying to attract with this portfolio?

Your pages title is “3D Artist” I see your trained as a Product Designer, so why the change in terminology? This makes me feel like your trying to just be a visualization artsit.

Your resume page on your site isn’t detailed enough. I had to actually download the file to know your school and experience. This type of information is a bit important when applying for jobs. Especially to consider what level are you coming in at.

Hey E-Man, thanks for the feedback, very helpful. Originally I wanted to be a 3dartist in the games industry, but after returning back to college to get a level 8 in product design I’ve fallen back in love with the profession.

After taking a good look through your website, your work is top rate and inspirational.

Welcome aboard. Quick feedback.
Hero watch rendering is confusing with the aligned hour and minute hands melding into one bar. I just googled watch images and virtually every single watch is set at 10:10, as is the watch on Emmanual’s main page. This keeps me from having to ascertain if there is another design logic taking place.

Good eye @nxakt. I’ve noticed that too. I think its just visually the nicest orientation for a watch face.

Anyways, here’s my 2 cents SeanKelly:
Your website address has “3D” in it so it immediately made me think you were a 3d artist of some sort. Also, this immediately rose my expectations as I was hoping to see some killer 3d models and renderings. Unfortunately, my first impression didn’t match my expectations… The watch looks too fake imo. Too much like a 3d rendering, not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing but not too my tastes. Scrolling down, i think the green plastic watering pail looks more interesting than the biopods product. The pail looks like a better 3d model as well. The form on the audi pen case is really bad. It looks super lumpy… The coffee maker form is very basic and not very appealing as well. Feels like its missing a ton of small details to really make it look cool. Also, maybe you should go easy on the lighting and environment on all your models, they all feel like they were shot in the same studio environment.

Now on the flip side, I think your game art 3d looks pretty cool! The rocky floating island one looks well rendered, lots of detail, shapes are recognizable. The desert water tower scene looks like something straight out of a shooter, which is cool too.

I think you should put the same level of attention and detail into your products… if that is where your current passion lies. Also, you should pick one passion and show just that. Right now there isnt a clear story to your website. Its like you are saying, “I 3d model stuff for fun.”

Just clicked on your blog. This stuff needs to be on your website. So much thinking and process in the biopods project LOST. Remember the 1st impression needs to be the HOOK. It doesnt always have to be the final product, but somethign that will get your viewer to click it and want to learn more.

Thanks for taking the time to respond and give by much needed advice, gentlemen.

@nzakt: Good point regarding the watch hands positioning, it was something I wasn’t aware of. You’ve given me a reason to try out another render. This seems like a seriously good website for product designers and makes me want to up my game to get to your level.

@sketchroll: Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Each image is linked to a page containing further details about the design. Sounds like another render of the watch wouldn’t be such a bad idea using more advanced shaders and at the 10:2 position. Fair point regarding the pen’s case, it does look lumpy. I’ll retopologise the wireframe and use a better HDR along with more realistic shaders (learnt more about VRay since it was rendered back in June). The iDrink is a beer dispenser :slight_smile: , not a coffee maker. I agree, it is lacking in details and shows my portfolio is lacking a few more pieces. It’s an old piece from 3rd year, but for now it’s the only piece I’ve got which contains electronics and wiring. One last thing, do you think it would be a good idea to include the research report along with the primary research trips for the Biopodz project?
At I posted more information about it here.

In the future, the game art will be removed and the website layout will be closer to E-man’s. Again, thanks for the feedback everyone.

Hi Sean,

If you want to be a product designer, just have product design work. If you want to do environment design, just show that. Otherwise you’ll confuse people. There’s no reason why kelly3d can be your game stuff and something like SKproduct can be your product design stuff, each aligned with their correct markets and very clear.

Hope that helps.