MSc Integrated Product Design

Hi everyone,

I recently graduated in Human Technology at the Hanze University in Groningen (the Netherlands). Now I am trying to find a MSc to follow in september. which focusses on the user in product development, user interfaces, build environment etc. You learn how to catalogue the requirements of users, and how to advise, from the human point of view, technical specialists in, for instance, designing products or equipping a building.

I have seen a few interesting masters online:

  • Design ethnography at the University of Dundee
    - Integrated Product Design MSc at Brunel University
  • User experience design/interaction design.

It is a difficult choice because I chose a broad study and I like a lot of different things.
I have always been interested in product design and drawing, but i don’t have a technical background, nor am I schooled as a designer. (Coroflot — Design Jobs & Portfolios) My portfolio.
I am more focussed on usability and user interaction. I think that Integrated product design would be a good combination with Human Technology. What are your thoughts on this?

Does anybody have experience with the Integrated Product Design MSc at Brunel University? And what type of function could I expect to get at a company?