MP3 players & cameras that aren't Apple

Just a couple things I saw surfing & traveling lately that caught my eye.

  1. Flip camera packaging. The graphics are nice. I was surprised since the Flip is playing at the bottom end of the camera market. The box only had the necessary information, clearly presented.

  1. Cowon S9 curve. It’s making some news because it has an AOLED screen. I have no clue why that is significant. It’s not bad a bad design though. Apple-esque for sure, but nice. The UI is copy-paste from the iPod touch though (note the caption).

I’m a big fan of the Flip cameras, as well as the experience surrounding them. I look forward to what else Pure Digital churns out.

Not sure why people would care about an AMOLED screen? Or you don’t know what it is? OLED is just the logical step. LCDs create and block light, OLEDs just create it.

This kind of UI is exactly why I think it’s the area I want to be in. Asia can make some pretty damn good hardware and software, but originality is not their strong suit… Cowon S9 Curve GUI Not Quite As Lovely As the Player Itself

I don’t know the diff between AMOLED and OLED. My year old Sandisk has a normal backlit LCD screen though. I’m assuming that this Cowon will be slimmer with a better picture quality because of the screen.

Soft is definitely an exciting field.