MP3 Player Design

Are you happy with your MP# player?

  • yes, it has all the functions I need
  • mostly, it is lacking a few things I would like
  • no, i dont own one, i cannot find one with the functionaiity I reaquire

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does anyone have any good design resources for a new MP3 player. Possibly someting that they would like to see incoporated into one that is not already?

iPod with a real mans battery!!

Thats what i would like, also maybe to be able to afford one!!!

Yeah me. Here’s some things I’d like my iPod to do:

Bluetooth for sync, wireless earbuds and car stereo play-through

Radio-program capture and sync

Pre-emptively load with purchaseable music that it thinks I would like. Allow me to unlock and listen to the music at any time, then when I sync it the financial transaction goes through. (Assuming huge storage.)

Beaming abilities so I can share with a friend (even if they need to purchase to unlock.)

Sync word .doc’s and .pdfs and then read them to me with a high quality text-to-speech engine (doesn’t someone offer something like this for iPod?)

DJ functionality: tempo, fader, beatmatch etc.

Built in radio with pause/rewind/save (ie. Tivo for radio.)

Color display for cool visualizations including album art

Better management of various-artist compilations (like DJ mixes.)

Sync with my Tivo/play video

Bypass CD-ripping process and instead unlock a fully downloadable version from the record label. (I own one CD which actually included a copy of all the songs in .mp3 format in addition to the traditional redbook audio.)

Sync playlists with my selected friends for tribal knowledge sharing.

Offer me free music with built-in ads (not saying I like ads, but hey, free music!)

Built in barcode reader that captures UPC’s off of any CD jewel case for later lookup and download.

1 player does it all… NEUROS
GOD I LOVE MY NEUROS (just upgraded to a 20G/256mb (u have to see to understand)

It’s design is not PERFECT(idealistic) like ipod
It’s designed to be just good enough out of the box + the company RELLY CARES AND LISTENS and it strives for perfection so it makes the player fit YOUR life. and ITS OPENSOURCE(how revolutionary is that?)

RADIO (FM only)
HiSi (rarely use but a nice show-off)
MiFi (an accessory for ipod is like 100$ is already built in (FM BROADCAST OF YOUR TUNES TO ANY STEREO))
AMAZING organizing.


Neuros looks pretty awesome, but…

What about a PocketPC or Palm as an mp3 player (plus)

No the storage isn’t there (at least portable) but for the car there are CF card-to-HD solutions:

For $300-$400, you get a whole lot more than an ipod. And for less than $600 you can get VGA:

Any thoughts?

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