Moving towards yacht design

Okay, I have quite a bit of experience in personal watercraft, specifically the plastic/human-powered kind. But I’m interested in getting into yachts (like Wally, one can dream!). Anyone have suggestions for good companies? Maybe even jet-ski’s.

Kinda thinking out loud right now. Just want to expand upon one of my strengths.

I’ve posted this before; you may be familiar with it. It’s the kind as far as the real boating industry goes.

Professional BoatBuilder Magazine (the hard copy is free if you’re in the industry)
Check out the “Forums”

You might also try
go to “Forums” then to “Services & Employment”

Lots of “pros” hang out at both sites; lots of generously shared information. You just have to ask…

If you’re interested in specialized training, check out Westlawn Institue of Marine Technology

i have heard tiara was a good company to work for, based on the opinions of other designers and people i know. you would have to relocate to michigan for that one.

Glade Johnson Design

really interesting company. really HIGH end yachts
they still do interior renderings the old-school way to give to their high-end clients as peices of art.