moving to the states!!! What do i need to do????

I am a student in the UK and graduate this July. I will be moving to America in search of design jobs. Does anyone know what I need to do as regards to visas, work permits, etc, etc? :confused: :confused:

To be honest I don’t know much about obtaining a visa in the US and I’m sure not too many here do. Unless they came over recently, visa laws/requirements have changed a lot due to 9/11 and the downturn of the economy.

But here is your starting point, the U.S. governments website…best of luck!

I’m pretty sure you have to have a job secured before you can get a visa/work permit, though I could be wrong.

IAESTE might be a good place to ask: though they specialize in work placement and permits for students abroad.
It would also be a good idea to go to your local U.S. embassy, you’ll get better answers there than on here:
You might also check the British Embassy in the U.S. site:

It’s more likely that you could to go to the U.S. for around three months to look for work then have to return to the U.K to apply for your visa.

thankyou both for your help. Gives me a good starting point!

Yep, I believe you have to get a job before you can move to the US on a working visa. If you travel without a visa (visa waiver program) you are obviously not permitted to work. So it isn’t as easy as you might think.

I immigrated to the US because my husband is a US citizen and we decided to move here. And let me tell you, it was a big hassle even for me, first to get the appropriate visa (which took me about 6 months), and then sort out all of my papers here in the US (which is still in process).

Anyway, if you can get a US employer to sponsor you that would work. But I don’t know how easy that would be, especially since you are fresh out of college and probably don’t have a lot of working experience.

You will need a job before applying for a visa (most commonly, that would be a H-1 Visa) and this can take 2-3 months until approval goes through. This is an employer-specific visa that is valid for 3 years and can be renewed for another 3 after that. You can change jobs, but need to transfer the visa over to the new employer. There is some cost associated with that (lawyer and filing fees) and often, employers only carry part of the cost.

There is also a practical training visa that is easier to obtain and often is an easier way in, as it means less commitment on both sides.

Get you work out there and start to solicit some interest…

Am I right in thinking I can get a 3 month visa without much difficulty. In this case it might be possible, once I get my degree, to use these three months to search for jobs. I know it seems like a mamoth task to move to the states but I am sure with the crumbling state of the design industry over here it will be worth while.