Moving to Copenhagen

I got accepted to the MA programme in Industrial Design at the School of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This summer I will be moving from the Netherlands to Denmark. I am still arranging stuff and looking for a space to live.
I was wondering if you guys have any tips or know anybody that can offer me a space to live?


Can’t help you, sorry to say. I am however envyus. I used to go from Sweden a lot as a kid, I always have loved Copenhagen. Enjoy!

I’m actually in Denmark right now for an internship. It’s not in Copenhagen however, so the only help I can give in regards to flat finding is a link: Search for and find rental apartments with BoligPortal | 15033 properties

good luck and enjoy!

Thanks guys for your replies.

@hiower, thanks for the link. Have you used this site? Because you need to buy a subscription to reply on the advertisements.

Is that right? I thought you could at least reply on ads for free. I haven’t used it myself except for some browsing, but I’ve heard it being recommended a couple times.

Most ads require that you have a subscription, but I have seen one where you could reply just by email.