Moving to a new city, and portfolio updates


I’m fresh to the forums, but I’ve been in the ID work force for around 6 years. Getting right to it, I’m going to be moving to the DC area in the next month, and I’m looking to get some feedback on my portfolio:

I graduated in 2012, and have only had 2 real design jobs since then. Both of them were at small firms that eventually had to lay me off due to budgetary reasons. I’ve filled the rest of my career with other work (freelance, electrician, museum staff, etc), and as such most of my projects are of the personal variety: the most recent being a series of bags that I make for a small business I am working on.

I’ve had trouble getting beyond the initial application in the past, and now that I’m moving to a new city I’d like to update my portfolio in hopes that it will help me land a new position. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


p.s. If anyone has experience with the ID scene in and around DC, feel free to PM me. I’d love to chat with you!

Hi Isaac.

Welcome to the boards.

DC can be a bit rough from what I’ve heard for ID jobs. There are a few opportunities in Baltimore though. Something to think about.

Could you post a link to your work? That might help people give more targeted advice.

I’ve seen industrial design friends carve out a niche in DC doing things like exhibit design for museums - some great opportunities there.

Hi Yo,

Thanks for the reply. I tried posting a link but I guess it didn’t work! Let’s try again:

Some of that furniture work might be able to show capabilities in exhibits since Traveling mentioned that is an industry in the region.

I’d recommend mixing up the work so it isn’t all softwoods at the top. Also, one minor thing, all of the tiles are product shots except the F Stop tile which is a logo. I thought that was going to be a brand design project when I clicked it.

Good points. Thanks for the feedback.