Moving Product Ideas Forward

My day job is designing pop displays but I’ve always wanted to get some products to market and I’ve got an idea that’s been knocking around now for some time that I have now got into the prototype stage. It’s not a world changer but it’s a housewares product that I think would have broad appeal.

So I have the prototypes… What’s next ? Aside from talking to a few independent retailers who have expressed an interest if I can get the price to a certain level, who should I be talking to, who should I avoid, what should I do to protect myself (this isn’t patentable), how can I retire on this :wink: ?

Anyone’s experience in housewares would be awesome… Particularly wih dealing or finding suitable distributors ?

Many thanks!


I’d be all over it if I was in the States… Alas I’m in Canada :frowning:

Look into ideacious (kickstarter for Canadians) also based in Toronto.

Sightly different business model where they are trying to give design talent a forum to realize their ideas, but it also treats early product buyers as investors, rewarding them for their patience in investing in a product before it has reached the critical mass necessary for it to go into production. The reward for early buyers is revenue earned on every production run on the product over the next ten years. In this scenario everybody wins — designer, buyer and ideacious.


Feel free to check out our website (particularly the ‘what we do’ link). One element of our business is a one stop shop for all the development tasks from sketch to shelf; it sometimes caters to one type of our three target clients - the entrepreneur (you). There are plenty of things to do and avoid but since IP is not part of your considerations the process can take some very interesting turns that you might like - or not like.

If we can be of service feel free to email or call me.