Moving for job search

I’ve graduated from College for Creative Studies in 2018 May and have been actively searching for jobs in Industrial / Product Design field.
I’m currently resides in Detroit and I have no strings attached so I’ve been planning to anywhere (in US) I get hired.

I’ve applied for the internship or Entry level position around the country, I had several interviews but didn’t get hired anywhere.
So far the companies I have interviewed were from Michigan or East (Chicago, Boston, New York) None from West coast.

Since It’s been a year and I’m still unemployed I’ve been thinking about relocating, however it’s hard to think of the place to move since industrial design jobs are everywhere in the country. I’ve been thinking about moving to California because it seems like California has the most industrial job openings.

What advice do you guys have? I would appreciate any input!

Moving to the West coast can be challenging financially. I know young designers who have done a “tour” of the west coast and set up a bunch of interviews mosty couch surfing along the way.

California is nice and it has a few design spots. However, cost of living is expensive and a lot of competition for the jobs available.

  1. Research potential design hubs. Start making a list of jobs that come up and their locations.
  2. Research cost of living.
  3. Research commute and transportation if applicable.
  4. Keep applying everywhere and hopefully you can land some interviews (phone, online and hopefully in person if they are really interested). Paying for a flight here and there might be cheaper than relocating permanently without a job offer.

Good luck

Houses in Cali are like 600 grand, minimum. Good luck.

Me personally: Fuck that noise. Fun to visit tho, love the surfing.

Depends on your priorities in life. If you want to work all the time, or have a life outside of work, if you love/hate harsh winters, or the heat, if you want a large number of single people to date, if you like doing anything outdoors…all this should factor into it. Also - the moves that I’ve done to places where I knew people OUTSIDE of my place of employment have been more successful both in/out of work, than the places where I had to start from scratch socially.

It is funny how that works. We have been in Portland for 5 weeks and I feel like we have so many more friends then after 7 years in San Diego…even though we only lived here for 5 years with an 11 year gap.

Couple of things to consider.

  1. Move to a place you want to live, not just for a job. Does it fit your lifestyle, friends, family, etc? Jobs don’t always pan out. You don’t want to be stuck in a city you don’t like and feel like you’re trapped.
  2. It is more likely for an employer to hire you if you are local, especially in areas that are a design hub and competition is high.