Movie: The Creator: the coming wave of AI villains

It’s a SciFi tail as old as SkyNet. AI designed to protect humanity decides to end it… but this looks like a fresh take on it. Great visuals, and I would not have thought to put that old Aerosmith song with this subject matter:

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So they got AI to write a terrible movie plot and script and AI wrote itself into it?

Does that make AI sentient? Narcissistic?

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A tale as old as HAL?

For a less doomsday take on AI vs humanity, I just started a series called Mrs Davis.
Humanity seems to have been unified by an AI which communicates / controls people through their smartphones and earpieces. I’m yet to figure out if its evil or not, only 1 episode in, but the key protagonist refuses to talk to her.
It is bizarre and chaotic, written by Tara Hernandez (big bang theory) and Damon Lindelof (Lost) and I love it.


I’ll take Ex Machina with a side of Her.

@fraser_frase i hadn’t heard of that one! What platform is it on?

Also, @fraser_frase how could I forget HAL!


Mrs Davis is produced for Peacock, I’ve never heard of them. Here in Australia its on a local platform that pulls stuff from all over the place.

Back to the original post, the visuals of the film look great and from what I gather from the trailer, the story looks like it follows a tried and true format. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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Full trailer is out:

I finally got a chance to see this movie and really enjoyed it. It was nice to see new characters in a new world and there doesn’t seem any chance of a sequel the way it ended. It is just a fully contained story for once.

The story itself is a bit deeper than the trailers let on with a lot of metaphors to our current time as all good SciFi has.

The production design id really stunning. Things are dirty and chaotic, but not in an over stylized CyberPunk way. Things are disjointed visually the way the real world is. A lot of Sid Mead and OG Star Wars visual references of course.

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