Movie: The Creator: the coming wave of AI villains

It’s a SciFi tail as old as SkyNet. AI designed to protect humanity decides to end it… but this looks like a fresh take on it. Great visuals, and I would not have thought to put that old Aerosmith song with this subject matter:

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So they got AI to write a terrible movie plot and script and AI wrote itself into it?

Does that make AI sentient? Narcissistic?

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A tale as old as HAL?

For a less doomsday take on AI vs humanity, I just started a series called Mrs Davis.
Humanity seems to have been unified by an AI which communicates / controls people through their smartphones and earpieces. I’m yet to figure out if its evil or not, only 1 episode in, but the key protagonist refuses to talk to her.
It is bizarre and chaotic, written by Tara Hernandez (big bang theory) and Damon Lindelof (Lost) and I love it.


I’ll take Ex Machina with a side of Her.

@fraser_frase i hadn’t heard of that one! What platform is it on?

Also, @fraser_frase how could I forget HAL!


Mrs Davis is produced for Peacock, I’ve never heard of them. Here in Australia its on a local platform that pulls stuff from all over the place.

Back to the original post, the visuals of the film look great and from what I gather from the trailer, the story looks like it follows a tried and true format. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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Full trailer is out: