Movie: Everything Everywhere all At Once

This looks really good!

Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been hearing good things. Very interested in catching up with it soon.

I saw it on Saturday and it was AWESOME!!! I am really interested to see how it does but in my personal experience it seemed to be received well by the packed theater where I saw it. Lots of action of course but the visuals, humor and some of the more emotional softer moments were really well put together in my opinion. 5 Stars!

I first saw Michelle Yeoh in “Tai Chi Master” in 1993, screened for the Asian students club at Cornell. Fantastic seeing her gather so many awards for this film.

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For sure! I thought that movie was so good. I’m glad I went to see it in the theater. It was the first movie in a long time where I was texting friends immediately after saying “you got to go see this movie!”

I need to see it a second time.

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I’ve heard it won the Oscar, I would like to watch