move down under?

Any opinions on US branding/product design firms opening new studios in Australia in order to service the Asian market? Does it make sense?
I just met with a firm who plan on opening a new studio down under and want me to head the product design service side of business. I like the idea of moving but I am not sure how long a studio like this will last in Australia - is there that much work?

I am from Melbourne, and I can tell you it would be fairly rare for any US ID company to set up in Aus to service Asian manufacturers. There are still (although maybe not much longer) strong trade barriers between Australia and China, many companies therefore set up actually in China or HK.

Finding qualified staff shouldn’t be too difficult if you do decide to set up. Aus has far too small a manufacturing industry to support the flooding of skilled ID graduates being pumped out by universities.

Apart from this, I can tell you that (having travelled and lived overseas) Australia is by far the easiest country in the world to live in. Beautiful cities, extremely multicultural, great food, friendly people and it has a unmatched arts scene.

I agree with retfareve.
It is unusual for a company to come to Aus to trade with china.

how will it work though. Would your client be directly the chinese or would the correspondence go through the States.

nevertheless, you want have problems finding staff, It is very competitve to get ID work down here

Very very well summed up retfereve.