Mouse and keyboard designs

Hi all,

Want a mouse on a cell phone or remote controller? A keyboard simultaneously works as a mouse? Challenging the impossibilities, interested parties please check out:


Interesting Idea.

I find them a bit tacky and chunkie, may it would benefit the result if you think more about the persons using them than in the possibilities of technology.

not sure i understand advantages. seems like swiss army knife design. does alot of things. but probably doesn’t do them very well. better presentation would help me understand why its a good idea.

I saw the two-axis slider approach implemented a few years ago–it just doesn’t have a good feel to it, particularly in comparison to glide-point or track-point technologies. The extra friction that you pick up doesn’t justify the benefit of having something physical to grasp or slide around. Plus it’s clunky to have this limp thing slapping around–particularly in mobile use. You would constantly need to locate it, but meanwhile your cursor or whatever is all over the place.

I’ve never seen the sliding keyboard concept, but I’m skeptical of the HF in practice. a) Few people use their entire arm for mousing–it’s typically fingertip. b) The keyboard has weight to drag around.

Physical prototypes are essential at this point to prove these out.

What is the goal of the project?

Basically the whole point is to improve performance while reducing chunkiness. Please neglect the roughness of the drawings, slick appearance would be possible but it requires too much work for me.

Friction might be the biggest hurdle but I believe it would not require rocket science to achieve smooth and quiet operations. A docking position may be devised to stop it from moving around. Arm movement is normally not expected in these designs.

I believe an efficient and capable pointing device is necessary to get full use of future gadgets.