Mountain Dew Limited Edition bottles

My boss has decided to retire and go to Florida and was trying to clean out his home studio so he offered me these bottles that he had collected. These were a small run of limited edition bottles of Mountain Dew that were design various different artist and were done early last year. Although I had heard about them I never could find them in the store. This is probably one of the coolest limited edition promotions I have ever seen.


i wonder if these actually caused anyone to buy any more mountain dew than usual?

I don’t think this was to make people buy more, but to create a collectible. Coke did the same thing for the Olympics. These things are going for $10 a piece on ebay.

Coke did the same thing for the Olympics.

I’ve always like “collector” bottles. 7-up did a series on Big Ten schools years ago, when I was in school; everyone had a set. I got to do some world gallivanting when I was that age and have a small collection of the old 8oz. green-glass Coke bottles with labels printed in the languages of the countries I visited.

I’m wondering what the psychology behind the “collector bottle” Pack? People buy the brands they enjoy; are they so stoked that they want memorabilia associated with their choices? The same phenomenon behind paying for a T with a company’s advertising on it perhaps? Group (tribal) association?

edit- Flash … I just realized that it isn’t customer input that drives the release of a “collector” edition… what is the motivation behind a bottler doing this? Visibility?

I think you might be on to something here. By releasing small runs of collectable bottles it causes people to go out and search for them. This in tern makes their other products more visible and increase sales. I don’t know what it is about the words “Limited Edition” but it really makes people purchase more. Maybe it is because they may think they are missing out on something if they don’t.

they’re on their third run of these, all very cool. Check em’ out at

Yeah I picked up a of the third edition. They are pretty sweat!! I still need to get my hands on the second edition.

I finally found the store locator for these bottles, looks like only walgreens is carrying them in my area.

I was upset to find the newest iteration of their throwback dew with cane sugar (newest one looks like 60’s packaging rather than the 80’s packaging throwback they did over the summer) is not available within 50 miles of my zip code :frowning:

I ended up going to the art exibit they had for the promo in NYC and got all 6. I am not a big Pepsico fan but they have done a great job with these.

Mountain dew is my choice of drink…But, I don’t have these limited edition bottles…:frowning: I’ll look for it in the web…I have got to have one. It’s very cool and is decorative.:slight_smile: