Motorola reclaims cell-phone design crown

isn’t this overstating it a bit?

tje razr’s nice but sony-ericsons still has a stronger lineup design wise.

I saw the same story a couple days ago, but under a different headline. I would agree that this headline overstates things a bit, and kind of misinterprets the point of the article. The story is orignally from the AP; news outlets that pick it up are free (I think) to take creative liberties on the headline (they can also paraphrase the story, so long as it doesn’t warp the facts).

Here’s the same story under different headlines (these are a more appropriate than the one you saw - I think):

…sigh…for what its worth, it was me.

Same basic article on Moto from 2002 when Tim Parsey was setting up the design studio.

…Shows that turning the ship takes time.

oops, forgot to post the link to the article:

Sony Ericsson’s at the CeBIT 2005. They had some real cool stuff.

And looks like Motorola RAZR V3 has a competitor. The Sony Ericsson Z800.

Nice thought of bringing back the walkman brand in mobile phones with the W800.

Here’s another link.

I agree that they’re overstating it a bit- esp. since other companies rely on having not just one model phone for one line, and they just have that one RAZR–

but a more crazy thing to me is that my internet company sister and her coworkers, STILL USE THeir STARTACs!!! Their cellphone company even says to them when they think of upgrading, “Don’t get rid of that phone! It’s the most reliable phone ever made!” It never breaks or drops calls, etc. Is that not weird or what?

Even after phones have become fashion statements, with all of the crazy bells and whistles and cameras and songs, it seems to me that the StarTac is going down in history as a remarkably reliable phone, and my sister isn’t planning on getting a new one any time soon…

I remember when the Startac came out and I was so amazed by it… it was soo cool at the time… now it looks almost as dated as the bag phone… which is coming back.

Those Sony phones are beautiful. Look out Motorola
Most seem to be renderings though - but still… beautiful