Motorcycles and Texting

You have to see this one to believe it…seriously.


I definitely don’t want to see the inevitable next video though…

Unreal! That does take a considerable amount of talent…

That was an automatic forward to a bunch of people. Awesome.

Liked it to a Dutch motorcycle forum… good reactions :slight_smile:

Shites, thts India!


ive seen that here in la a few times. pass a motorcycle, the rider has no hands on the bars, busy texting away. awesome.

I would consider one handing it, but i really doubt I would go for no hands anytime soon.

I am willing to bet the people who do this haven’t ever laid a bike down. It sorta sucks.

That’s the first time I’ve seen someone do that on a street bike. I’ve seen people on gold wings and cruisers ride no hands down the highway. But that is something else. Also that helmet is not going to work too well when he wipes out.