Motorcycle Helmets

Being in the market for a replacement for my trusty old Bell R-T motorcycle helmet (it’s only 35 years old) I was spending some time this morning snooping around. I prefer open-face helmets (please refrain from comments about my sanity) and was surprised, early in my search, to find that the Bell R-T is back in production, renamed the Jet RT.

It was surprising until I realized that there is an industry trend toward para-military “jet style” motorcycle head gear. I suppose it never hurts to put on a bit of a fierce-face when riding; hey, every little bit of protection helps, even if it is only psychological.

All comply with DOT and European ECE R22.05 safety standards

Bell Jet R-T


Draxtar P-104 ( commercialization of a Chinese military helicopter helmet )

Osbe Toronado
with optional “Top Gun Mask”

Givi H10.4 Air

Momo Fighter

Schuberth J1

But if I were considering a full face helmet, something that offers more protection, then I would be checking into one of these two just as soon as I got my stimulus check. Bobo Fett would be turning green.

Schuberth C3

Nexx X30 Nexx X30 Helmet - webBikeWorld

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Bell Jet R-T
Momo Fighter
Schuberth J1

If you like those, you might explode when you see these:

pretty helmets. i guess it depends on what you feel your head is worth. i wouldn’t buy a helmet without trying it on, personally, but to each their own.

i was shopping for a replacement helmet about 2 years ago (automotive, closed face, nomex liner, HANS prepped, SA-rated) and went to simpson in torrence. i got to see some of their factory and it’s all very impressive with some smart designs. very nice craftsmanship. i didn’t end up buying a helmet there (2 prs of driving shoes tho).

i bought an hjc with an adjustable crown insert, different cheekpads, very light. i may go with a carbon fibre helmet next time around.

i know we’re all designers, but in this case, i’m taking function and protection over style.

simpson helmets ftw. I want to get a white bandit, and red leather jacket.

i liked the simpson stuff, but it was a little too heavy. their driving suits were nice too, but the tailoring let a lot on the table.

Apparently, designing a full face helmet for commercialization is a hell of a job. You have to consider allot of anthropometric measures and races with different bone placement. Math is not what I like the most in design, so I hope that if I ever get to design one, there will be a couple of engineers and techs to back up the numbers!

bugger … . so much for those links. … . …

I used to work in a place designing and selling bike accessories. Helmet fit is more a matter of changing the cushionings than any hard numbers. It is meant to be soft and malleable during an impact. You could have an L size outer shell with M sized cushions.

There is typically only 1 shell size, though the bigger manufacturers will have a standard and an extra large. Everything else is about the soft little bits.

Also look at ROOF (from france)

Nexx is from Portugal

Schuberth J1 is nice

My self I am an ARAI fan, full face and MX.


I agree B-art.

I found this Roof this afternoon while editing the broken links for above.

Material: bamboo

That Bamboo helmet is real bamboo!!!
No print or paint

And the best thing, it meets the European safety standards.