motorcycle-- first serious photoshop rendering

heloo… i am new here ( just joined 5 mins back ) and this is my first post…i am a working product designer .

have been messing around in photoshop and this is the result…

wanted to know what can be done to improve it… it is done entirely in photoshop using a refrence and by using paths and brush strokes…

and yes core77 rocks!

If this is truly your first PS rendering attempt, I’d say Well Done! Certainly superior to my first attempt…

What you’ve shown is a beautiful page with a lot of energy, done in a sketchy sort of style, which is nice but not photorealistic. If that’s your intention, you need to stop showing forms in the undercarriage with white strokes on black background – photoreal means showing form with color and shading, not outline. The red tank, cowling, etc. do a better job of using shade to show 3D.

I would try lightening up the black background of the undercarriage, getting rid of the white lines, and using dodge and burn to show form. Then go in and add white and black line work sparingly to show highlights.

All told, though, excellent first attempt!

thanks for the reply! as i said this is my first “serious” render all the others previously were left half way after bouts of frustration … and if it is any good i have all the tips and tutorials on core77 to thank for.
will work on showing forms with blocks of colour and shade… thanks again!

Looks great, especially if this is your first… :smiley:

def a great first render! … if I where to add some feedback, I would recommend to lay out a perspective that communicates the design more, this perspective focus the viewer on the mechanicals. Also, try using some tones of red to shade red, instead of airbrushing whites use hot yellow/orange reds, and add some dark, deep tones, purplish maroons, in the shadows.

point taken…
i tried creating depth through shades of the colour first but it was just not coming across and i got lost in the colour shades , hence the shift to using white for highlights. will work on it though…
this is what the tank looked like…
about the perspective yes now that i look at it , it seems that the focus is on the mechanicals which actually are just indicated by lines… so there is a disconnect.

thanks for the feedback!

The wheels looks great . I like it

Thanks! :smiley: