Motorcycle concept

Hi guys!! I’m new to this forum but design has always been my thing…
I’ve been using solidworks for a year now and I love motorcycles so here’s what I came up with… What do you think??
P.S. Does anybody know of some kind of a motorcycle design forum??

i like that you seem to know how an engine works and build around that. however, dont tell me thats a twin turbo 4 cylinder motorcyle! just after the pop-chargers looks like two turbos. crazy. i have no idea what that first box thing is.
the designs are better than what you’d see from most builders, but they are builders, good with raw material. image wise you should work on mapping more realistic textures and colors, looks very flat and early 90’s computer animationish.
also the tiny front fenders put me off a bit, everything is so oversized, except those, which appear undersized. maybe the wheels as well, they seem a bit small.

I like the blue one best.

It would be interesting to see the sport-bike infused with a little harley, make it a definitely american bike, but still very cutting edge. I always see the more traditional harleys, which sure, a few seem to be ‘high tech’, but most still look very conservative. Meanwhile, all the sport bikes still feel ‘foreign’ and for good reason since I’m sure many are made in japan or europe. Of course I’ve seen that there’s some newer harleys which are getting a more streamlined look, but I’d still prefer a more sport-bike influenced posture, where you get almost prone. Something that screams “I’m a beast” while also being low profile and such.

You’re blue bike looks like it’s trying to do that somewhat, I’d beef up the wheels though, and it’d probably be set.