Motocross Vinyl Wrapping

So listening to some guys at Design Engine trying to wrap motocross bikes in 8mm vinyl they want to print on, they can only find it in huge rolls, anyone know where to get sections printed on that thick?

The bike model we are trying to get 12m prints for is a 2009 YH 450F.

Why so thick? Most vinyls to print on are .002 to .004. Try

Don’t confuse mil with mm. 8mm is nearly 3/8" thick. 8mil is .008" thick.

Most media that is self adhesive and printable is much thinner. You could achieve the thickness you need with an over laminate. I presume you are after the thickness for durability? Keep in mind, the thicker you go, the more difficult it is to conform to compound curves. Most vehicle wraps are 2-3mil with a vehicle laminate for durability and UV stability. I can certainly help you if you wish. Feel free to PM me.

Yeah that would work, could you help us printing out the thicker vinyl?

Did you ever figure this out? Call the design team from they have experience with this kind of work.

21 mil is about the current standard for custom Motocross backgrounds. Google “custom MX backgrounds” for 100+ custom printshops.