moto VS nokia

will moto top nokia with its RAZAR brothers and PEBBLE sisters design?
are we getting a little tired of moto’s predictable design yet? ( or is it just me? )

What took nokia so long to come out with a clam shell? Them and sony ericsson, they’ve been muscled out by LG and motorola. it’s over for nokia, they may still be big in Europe but that won’t be able to keep them competitive globally, I would not want Nokia stock. I guess it’s over for ericsson too, since I haven’t seen one in 5 years. All because they were so in love with that lame candy bar design. What were they doing over there? they must have been playing solitaire all day.

Motorola’s are crap… I remember when they were the best… So I bought one 8 months ago, after going through 4 in 6 months because they wouldnt charge… I went back to my beat to hell Nokia, that works so better…

who can tell?
nokia trying to catch up and stay on top with their N series and moto keep
pumping out that razar stuff on the market.
If moto have kept up the coolness with that ipod phone which was a huge disappointment, I think they might have changed the market lead…

I think thanks to GSM that the mobile phone industry could be up for grabs, people can switch phones with no carrier involvement, underground handset companies could pop up, you can get a nec phone if your tired of the crappy options tmobile offers, its really up in the air

i dont think you can say which one is better. they are quite different and i think they have a different market.

I’ve had them all: motorola, nokia, lg, kyocera.

My current Sanyo is hands down the best, most solid phone I have ever owned. The thing has been dropped a thousand times and still works perfectly.

I picked up a Razor out of curiosity at a Best Buy and the thing felt like the cheap piece of plastic that it is - not good.

i didn’t like razor either.
it was too wide for my hand and the keypad, easy on the eyes, was such a pain to use… i ended up buying samsung, after all.
razor may win some points from design, but would i buy it just cz’ it looks good? Hell, No.

The new SLVRs are cool… thats what Im buyin on Ebay tommorrow.

Narrower and Thinner than the RAZR, Vid, Cam, BT; Seems like the best choice to me

I am switching to Samsung. Moto breaks all the time…as well as Nokia.

My lady’s moto breaks at the exact same spot on the hinge every time when it gets dropped. Not enough strong material around that part, breaks every time. She’s on her 3rd one. All of the other manufacturers flip phones have plenty of meat around the hinge, there’s is really thin.

Can’t go wrong with a gigantic Treo- I have dropped this thing dozens of times and even submersed it in water (beer) by accident and it still works perfectly.

Treo is surely huge as a cellphone.
Someone with a small face can be look as if he is
talking with a labtop…

i bought a Nokia 1100 two years back, and it still works fine.
a list of the crazy things its been through:

  1. sat on
  2. stepped on
  3. slept on
  4. dropped at a hieght of four feet
  5. dropped at a height of 6 feet
  6. kicked
  7. kicked across a room from a bed, crashed against a wall 4 feet of the ground and fallen that four feet. (it was on my mum’s bed: when she lept out of bed, my 1100 gave superman a complex)
  8. procedure 7 repeated again, the next day.
  9. procedure 7 repeated, three days later.
  10. dropped in a bucket of water, twice.
  11. faced a monsoon, while in my pants.
  12. dived into a pool, in my pocket.

(i’m not kidding bout that- my crazy friend F5ed me into the diving pool, with my clothes on and the phone in it.

and the phone initially cost $100. i have so far spent an additional $30 on repairs including a new display (courtesy my mums kicking) and a new microphone (because of the pool)

i use the phone to

  1. send anything between 100 and 300 text msgs a day (it used to be more upto 400- then my free texting was limited by my service provider :cry: )
  2. talk on the phone for half an hour a day
  3. cheap flashlight, not very bright, used only in pitch darkness
  4. calculator, and entertainer - my high score in snake is 3465
  5. alarm clock, every morning for two years.

hows that for value for money?

I know this is an old topic but how many times can they release the razor just by putting another number behind the V? I never saw the point in the razors design anyways yes it’s somewhat thin but its so wide and open its actually really big. Oh well I guess somebody likes thembecause you can’t get online without seeing an add for a free one anymore.

No cell phone or cell phone company has ever impressed me…I think the cell market is still fairly new…it took the pen and paper a while to become the typewriter to become the word processor to become the computer and laptop…
its gonna be awhile till there is one cell phone that tops them all…I dont think moto or nokia or samsung or whatever will last their always someone new on the block…i think the combo companies like sprint nextel and att cingular will last the longest…I think they should start designing their own phones instead the other way around