I’m interested in the reasons behind the buzz word of “Sustainability”. Whilst I believe strongly in the principles and do not wish to harm the environment, I feel it is actually quite hard to truly live a sustainable lifestyle, particularly as a designer.

Being extremely cynical, are our concerns genuine, a fashionable trend, or merely a manifestation of our guilt?

I for one know I feel guilty, although I do genuinely care. What are other’s thoughts on this?

I feel the same way. It is difficult to preach sustainablitity at conferences knowing that I am going to return to the studio and chew through reams of paper designing stuff for wallmart that no one really needs.

We have taken a few steps to try to change this:

  • We have partnered with few clients with a genuinely sustainable position/history on a royalty basis

  • We have dedicated a few hundred hours of studio time to entering sustainable competitions (WWF, NASA Emhart, Xorel, Architecture for humanity, etc)

  • We have made an effort to more forcefully recommend sustainable polymers to our clients. This is especially true for packaging projects.

  • We have added a phase to our design process that focuses time on increasing the longevity/usability of the solutions we are presenting.

  • We update our internal office policy everyyear to try to become more sustainable and efficient as a studio