Most Used / Most Important Design Software

Maybe a better way to phrase the question would be what software offers the designer the best experience. or what software aids your thinking process or workflow best. Modo is cool stuff then. Your still going to have to remodel in solidworks if your end deliverable is in solidworks. If you don’t the engineers will try to capture your design intent and that is often the weak link in your process.

Top Programs day to day
2.Sketchbook Pro
3.Adobe Acrobat

Rhino for 3d but not used much
Also Microsoft Programs Outlook, Word, Excel

Adding to this, OneNote… very handy to have a page for each project rather than trying to rely on physical sketchbook (e.g. if I need to flip back and find a Pantone code from half a year ago) and images are a lot easier to include than Word.

A coworker showed me Greenshot (freeware) and I have been plugging it after using Snipping Tool for months.
Basically just as easy but allows more markup, text, multiple instances running, snipping of a preset area, etc.

Perhaps in the development of 1980’s pc software :smiley:

1: Adobe Suite (PS and AI)
2: Solidworks
3: Evernote/Onenote (Excellent for saving website cutouts and snapping shots of something for clarification - we do a lot of architectural install stuff)

A look into my toolset:

  1. Solidworks - I use it on a daily basis, avg. 6 hr/day
  2. Photoshop / Illustrator - also used daily say 1 hr/day for product drawings and editing photos/renders
  3. Keyshot rendering

Other software I use:
Mesh tools: Magics, Netfabb, Meshmixer, Blender, Sculptris, Cura
CAD: Rhino+Grasshopper
Graphic: Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Sketchbook Pro, Fontlab, Nexusfont
Arduino, Processing, Max/MSP