Most 'Un-Beautiful' Shoes


It looks like Scrooge McDuck puked on those mutha’s.

I could post to this thread all day…

one more for today…

Ok, One more…

I kinda like the purple ones…

The pattern is good but, the color-way is hideous.

Yeah, I think it was just the different print I liked. Not the color. A black/anthracite I could rock though. :slight_smile:

really? I don’t think any of these are particularily “un-beautiful”. you just need to understand the market they are designed for. Maybe that last ACG one is a bit strange in overall proportions that makes it look not so great, but the Creative Recs are OK (the cessario lo with the suede toecap and strap and better than the hi’s), the purple ones are hot (what are those? I’d totally rock them - in that color!), and the reebok green ones with velcro are a pretty sweet colorway and a nice take on the classic vulc.

To each his own, I suppose. such is fashion :slight_smile: put it another way - what shoes do you think are beautiful?



This thread is a bad idea. This forum is supposed to be about footwear design, it isn’t some random shoe forum where kids just post a picture and then say “pass” “ugly”

If you post something you think is truly bad design, you really should have a well thought out logical explanation about why it misses its target market and how it could have been better.

Lets keep the discussion elevated.

i think this can definitely be an interesting thread :sunglasses: I think those creative recs are horrendous too, the plaid is not used well at all, just lazy execution, but thats just my opinion. Alot of the others i do not like personally, but cant say they are as bad as those first ones.

As Richard said, alot of it is fashion, which has nothing to do with product design in my opinion (not to say that it isn’t a resource though). When it comes to fashion its easy to hate what someone else loves, but id love to see this thread live on and hopefully it can stay friendly and we can see what we all think is ugly. :slight_smile:

YES. If you are going to post here, make it a reasonable, critique, or compare to something better executed, or redesign it yourself. This IS is a design forum, and we should be able to hold an educated discussion. Otherwise this will get closed down pretty quick.


Most of our lives revolve around serious discussions, meetings, materials, trends, hitting deadlines, correcting blueprints, spending weeks in factories, etc. We live and breathe design every day. I’m not sure there is a problem with just trying to have some fun once in a while.


“Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere.”
— Mieke Gerritzen

Perhaps a move to Off-Topic is warranted then? Should keep both parties happy.

That’ll be $65.

Sounds like a plan.

The checks in the mail.

Make it fun with real substance.

I think the transportation forum is a good example.

To each his own, I suppose. such is fashion put it another way - what shoes do you think are beautiful?

Creative Recreation Cesario – Italiano!

I’m usually not a fan for Creative Rec. but, the materials and execution of their Italian collection is beautiful and changed my personal view of the brand.

They are in the same Italian factory as Lanvin, Margiela, Raf Simons and Kris Van Assche and also use the same cupsole…

A quick lesson I learned early was that you never know if the person that designed the product you’re bashing is sitting right across from you (or signs your paycheck). Be very careful and tactful with this.