Most Creative Cities in the US Ranked

Pretty cool website quantitatively ranking metro area populations in several categories. The end result shows which regions posess the most creative economy and social make up.

new york #9?

wow… they actually take into consideration how many gay people live in an area. thats pretty sad. thats like looking at how many black people live in an area MUST have a higher basketball skill level.

attitude doesnt get you on the list.

Richard Florida has been around a while. I heard a speech by him on Ideas on CBC about a year ago. Some interesting stuff there.

I’m not quite sure how NYC gets 9th. Afterall, it has the most designers in North America.

Gays get ranking because community acceptance supposedly shows that the population is more open to new ideas.

If it was all about the gays Montreal should be the most creative city in the universe. I guess Florida is wrong on the “creative class” driving economies though…because here we have a much higher rate of unemployment than any city in the states.

its a ranking of creative minds…not designers, other professions require just as much creative problem solving as us. Scientific research, tele-communications development, medical research, etc. In my experience I find these rankings accurate (NYC included, too many people talking creative but nothing to show for it).

In regard to NYC… I think it is a -per capita thing… there are millions of people and maybe the most “designers”… but per capita a lower percentage of “designers” compared to several other cities. And it is a creative economy thing… designers could be engeers… could be fashion, etc…

In regard to ID - NYC does not have the most “IDers”.