most common autocad?


i am interning at an architecture firm- working on autocad which I have not dealt with before. Can you offer me any advice or the most common program so that I can look up tutorials? Thanks.

This a trick question?

If you are interning then they should teach you if they need you to do it.

Ironic things is I learnt AutoCAD from another intern when I was an intern too.

engage young, creative, problem solving mind and type ‘autocad tutorial’ into

here’s the first hit:

there are a ton of books on the subject… checkout Borders, or even a campus bookstore … yeah, I know, you have to read books. They’re probably on CD by now.

I’d be surprised if many people on this site even use Acad.

Regular old Autocad will teach you pretty much everything you need to know.

Some places use the Mechanical Desktop version for its parametrics but it’s used more by engineers than designers.

Autocad LT only does 2d drafting and you won’t have 3d abilities

The Architectural version is pretty much the same as the standard Autocad but it has prebuilt things like doors, windows, etc to streamline things.

Autocad VIZ is for modeling and rendering but there are much better programs out there.

Hope that answers your question. In all there are over 40 different variations and you can tell what industry they are tailored to by the title. If you need more information go to this address and look under frequently asked questions for each product.