Most beneficial Gnomon DVDs

I know everyone recommends the Scott Robertson Gnomon DVDs. I’ve watched some of the sample clips that are on the Gnomon website, but it doesn’t seem like enough information is given to make a decision. Which DVDs are the most beneficial for Industrial Design? What do you think about the Harald Belker, Ryan Church, or Syd Mead DVDs? Are there any other good instructors for ID? I’m leaning towards the Scott Robertson Industrial Design Rendering - Bicycle DVD. Any insight from anyone who owns any of these Gnomon DVDs would be greatly appreciated.

I have most of the Scott Robertson DVD’s. The drawing and matte surface rendering DVD’s were a huge help to me. I recommend them all, they taught me a ton. His matte surface DVD’s explain the relationship between value and form in a way that is easy to understand. I just bought his photoshop one, and haven’t had the chance to look at it. The Harald Belker photoshop DVD’s are useful, they have good techniques that you can apply to product stuff, even though his focus in most of them is automotive. I also liked the Ryan Church rendering ones. They are really really expensive, but the knowledge I gained was more than worth it in the long run. I’ve watched some of them many times over and I learn something new each time.

go for it …then buy the rest of them very well put together and you can apply to pretty much everything you will design.

I got the studio tool rendering one which is not only handy for studio tools but you can apply the principles to any other 3D visualization app.

I’m glad Gnomon added digital downloads. That Bicycle DVD was unavailable for a while and it’s pretty good. There are a lot of similar tutorials online, but the voiceover and process in real time are very useful.

As far as my personal collection I’ve got all of the Scott Robertson ones, the Harald Belkar ones, Studiotools rendering, and then a few others on Maya and Mental Ray.

I almost wish they just let you buy a “let me watch everything” pass for a few hundred bucks.

Thanks for the information guys!

I guess I need to just start buying them one by one, and build up a reference library.

The university nearby where I live has a school of design library that’s well stocked with Gnome videos… maybe there’s one nearby where you could check them out…

Travisimo, Excellent idea! Too bad the STL doesn’t have any Industrial Design schools near by. has a bunch of the Gnomon dvds that you can rent for $10-15 each…plus a bunch of other tutorial dvds on just about anything.


Thanks for that link, I didn’t know that there was a place that had art videos to rent.