Most Arrogant Firms?

Hey, does anyone have any stories about being ignored, rejected, put off, etc. by design firms not interested in having you work for them? Just curious (as I’m currently looking for work…and getting jerked around to boot).


No one specific. Remember, arrogant doesn’t equal “not” interested (or vice versa). Or… Maybe they are just not interested, and too busy to get back to you? Don’t take it too hard as of yet. Have you attempted to contact them via phone, and/or email?

yes i do.

i was once told i was a good fit

and that i had good work

then i was told that theyr were’t sure what they were doing at the moment

then i was simply blown off.

when i asked about it later,

there was no real answer, emberrassment really, on thier part, for not having thier stroy straight.

would you want to work for people like that?

Would you want someone that couldn’t spell working for you?

oh, go you’re so right, grenade

i am so sorry.

i’ll never post here again until i get my speeling better.

god, grenade is so smart for catching those little details.

Don’t you know how to capitalize letters, you dumbass?