MORE sketches

just some more stuff I did quick to show and get opinions…soon a couple of my projects will be out and i can post some really crazy stuff, this is what i do now, what do you guys think, still trying to get into a product design class. Sorry, Yo no notes on these will post some with notes…i am a huge note taker but didnt really have time or feel a need for these.

what do you think…

Too “dry” in my opinion…how’s that for a constructive comment?

I wish I had some of your sketching tightness…I’m way too loose lately.

comment taken. its too dry…thats easy to say, so go deeper in depth, what would you change what do you like dont like, what makes it dry?? I am a big boy your not going to hurt my feelings. feel free to say constructive comments whenever you want.

I like looseness I try to mix it up a bit. these I wanted a closer attention to line and I also had a better idea of where I was heading in my line drawing, normally its just free falling and i see what I come up with some times it is not a shoe…but just a mark or symbol, and i work from that.

I respect your comments.

Thank you,

Nice stuff man. Those are reading great. A really nice quallity to the sketches, they are loose but tight. Good proportions as well.

I’d love to see you do an ultra simple design. Distil it down to one or two elements. Like if you were to do a winter shoe for New York. What would that need to have? Lots of surface contact in the outsole for slipery conditions. Thick midsole to act as an insulation layer between your foot and the ground as well as for cusioning.Deep flex grooves so walking 20 blocks isn’t painful. A waterproof upper, with a tough elegant design. I think it would be cool to see what you would do if you layed out some functional considerations and removed anything extra.

opps didnt sign in above. Thanks Yo, speaking of walking blocks, 12 blocks walking everyday back an forth and that is just to school (20min walk), not complaining very grateful. Anyways, I will try that. a new york boot/ casual shoe. gimmie a couple days work and school piling up, science test went well yesterday. I think I am going to give the shoe a lot of attitude like new yorkers (not trying to dirprepect, been here 3 yrs).

Ignore the outsoles I didnt try an design them just the uppers, I just used them to give the shoe a complete look.

one comment. I think when doing a really simple design it really must be looked at as a whole(upper-outsole,materials, etc), I think designers can take advantage of simplicity. It must be as well crafted and thought out as complexity. I think alot of simple shoes now are ignoring movement in the design, I think movement of forms and a sense of flow are crucial in a simple or really any type of design. but in all cases there are extremes and situations when this is not true.

just a couple things on my mind thought I would share.

Sketches are great…love’em. Got no negative comments, except the fact that they’re “dry”…in my opinion, again. There’s nothing bad about it…I actually admire that, 'cause tightness is something I really have to work on.

Also, I feel the colors are a bit muddy…It seems like you went too heavy with the marker, but that might be just a bad scan.

Personally, I’d make the light/shadow difference more contrasting…but then again, it’s just a different sketching preference.

Now you got me all excited… I want to sketch some shoes…Damn.

post some. I have been stuck on this site and forum. but yea, the pics are a bit dark, it was a large file, and i wanted to post them all at once so i had to sacrifice quality for file size.

I will keep that in mind on the grey shading.