more. paintings

tried out a new technique tonight, i rather like it!

Top one is the nike vengeance, tried a diff colorway and technique form the same image i painted on monday (middle)

Botom is the nike air 180


did you render those using mental ray? how many global illum rays?

whats mental ray? I didnt render them…i used old fashioned acrylic on canvas…

I’m liking the new technique.

thanks yo


Ash Can?

Whats Ash can?

The Ashcan School was a realist artistic movement at the beginning of the 20th century, known for painting scenes of daily life in poor urban neighborhoods.
The Ashcan School was not an organized group, but rather the term was applied later to a group of artists who painted urban subject matter, primarily New York’s poorer neighborhoods. They focused on their every day life, not just the poverty of the poorer neighborhoods.

(copied from the wikipedia entry)