More marketable...GD OR ID?

Hey Coroflot,

I am looking for artists and those in the industry to give their input about what I should pursue? Long story short, I will be a mature student when I return to school to get a BFA at 26…(already have an unrelated liberal arts degree that hasn’t gotten me anywhere). The good thing about being older is I am slightly less delusional than I was at 18…slightly, haha. I am an artist at heart and my whole life have always been into taking things apart to see how they work, ripping engines off of snowblowers to make minibikes, inventing anything my mind could come up with, playing in bands, drawing, making art, building forts, etc…pretty right brained. My first college experience wasn’t the best as I truly didn’t know what I wanted and naively daydreamed my way through. Anyways, I have been accepted to College for Creative Studies, but the loans I would have to take out are out of control and I wouldn’t have any help financially. Would it hurt my chances if I chose to attend a state school instead of a private art school? Also, I am having a hard time picking a discipline. Overall, what would be a more marketable degree? I do enjoy both disciplines very much.

welcome to Core,
I don’t think there’s any clear answer for you, wherever your passion takes you is most likely where you’ll excell.
there are salary surveys and school rankings and such if it helps, but what makes you the most marketable will be the quality of your portfolio.

Hey daydreamboy - you sound almost EXACTLY like me.

I got a Business Admin bachelors because that was responsible and then realized how hard it would be for that to be a competitive advantage, so I applied to Art Center and CCS, got accepted to both (because, like you, I had interest and passion for artistic stuff AND for mechanical stuff) and chose CCS (closer to home, less expensive). At CCS, I took a balanced curriculum of technical, mechanical, artistic, product and conceptual courses to make sure I’d be valuable when I graduated (ID with Honors, '95 at 26).

Don’t fret the loans - it gives you incentive to excel to the top and you’ll find yourself with grants and scholarships in subsequent semesters as a result. If you do decide to attend CCS (which I strongly recommend), soak up the mojo of its instructors, they have a wealth of knowledge to give you and most are working professionals, not just instructors. Also, in retrospect I wish I had also minored in Graphic Design while majoring in ID, something that will certainly add to your market value - and I wish I’d taken a few welding and glass blowing courses too, just 'cause their studio for that stuff is awesome and the idea of manipulating those materials is way-cool!


I concur with Generatewhatsnext. After I got my BSID at a state school I applied to CCS and was accepted with a small scholarship. Basically I attended to a few courses to increase my skills in areas where I felt the state school fell short, and it was totally worth it. In hind sight, I could have stayed and gotten another degree in about 3 years and that would have been awesome, but I wanted to get started working.

But to answer your question about GD vs. ID my answer would be anything bud GD. That is unless you go GD with a focus in animation/content creation, web/app design, etc. Straight GD is not something I would recommend.

If you’re looking at Detroit, I would also recommend the master’s program at Cranbrook, they have an interesting sort of open-ended environment. Some solid references will help increase your chances for acceptance.