More Languages = More Transportation Design Jobs?

The transportation design world is obviously global…and yes most speak english, but it would definatley help your chance in getting a job if you knew more than one language. The question is which ones, and if you had to pick one which would it be to help the most in getting a job when you left college?

You are right thinking of learning an other language.
The market is global, designers work global.
I would say first learn to understand that Englisch or Amerikan You are used to is not what the rest of the world speaks. They use englisch words with their gramar and way of speaking.
Some times its als called “business englisch” if i am correct.

So. it could be some thing like this.


German, Italian, French, Japannees, Chinees…

Thera is a lot of work to be done in Asia, new market. so India, China are the biggest countries. They are buying in to Eu brands or work together with them.