More good news: American 1-2

The Opel Insignia, a GM product, won the European Car of the Year award, with the Ford Fiesta finishing a close second.

  1. Opel Insignia: 321 points
  2. Ford Fiesta: 320 points

i like the fiesta.

2nd that. Is the Insignia on the same platform as the malibu? looks awfully similar. The detailing is pretty Buick-ey.

I am not an automotive guy but I really like the Opel Insignia. I think it has a very slick look and look better than what GM has put out in the past few years.

I take that back on the Opel, after looking at more views of it, it’s really nice - I need to consider different views of these before I post my opinions…

The Insignia is built on the next evolution of the platform under the Malibu and Saturn Aura. It’s a nice car, but most people were surprised that it won. The Fiesta is considered the class leader of minis now, and last year’s Ford Mondeo is considered a better car than the Insignia. I think it won through vote splitting. However, GM will take what it can get!

lol, good thing they only sell their award winning cars in Europe…

I like the Fiesta as well.
Remind me again why we (NA) have to wait til 2010 to buy the Fiesta?

The 2010 Fusion fixes everything I hate about the current Fusion and comes in hybrid flavor for a respectable 39mpg.

The Flex is cool.

The Edge is a great looking crossover.

The new F-150 seems ok, but I’m not a truck guy so my opinion on that is void.

They need to fix the Focus or just drop it in NA for the Fiesta.
I haven’t tried it yet, but apparently people love the Sync feature.

Ford is looking pretty good in my eyes these days…now they just need to covert those import buyers (myself included).

Its a shame they are selling much of their stake in Mazda.

oh, and better leadership than the other too (at least in sound bite form).

oh. and lets not forget what they’ve done to the River Rouge plant…

Ford is definitely ahead of the curve in products and quality. The Fusion had a good rate of attracting customers from Toyota and Honda. The new one should be even better. The Focus is actually selling more quickly now than ever before in NA. They’ve also moved the production to Detroit from Hermisilo, Mexico. I think the Fiesta is arriving next year because of production. The European ones are built in Germany. The North American ones will likely be built in Mexico. It will take awhile to make the tools and re-do the assembly line. It will also give them a chance to correct any problems they find from the Euro- production.

Lastly, Consumer Reports finally says that Ford is as reliable as a Japanese car this year. Not bad.