More Education after Graduation - 3D modeling

I graduated with an ID degree in '07. I feel really lucky to be in a design position and have kept it after the economy went bad- unlike some of my fellow classmates. :frowning: In my current job the software I use 95% of the time is Illustrator- I have a softgoods job.

Here’s my issue—I haven’t really touched 3D modeling (rhino/SW) since school and it wasn’t my strongest skill then. Eventhough I do not need it for my current position I am a little worried about how not increasing this skill could hurt my resume in the future.

Who knows what my next job could be?

Would you reccomend taking some sort of tutorial/private course/class ? IS it possible to bring my modeling up to snuff this way?

Thanks- all imput is appreciated!

it’s a good idea. taking a class or just spending evenings or weekends working in the software will definitly pay off.

It can’t hurt to learn SW, and if you are so inclined Solidworks is offering free training material (and license). It is targeted at those who have lost employment, but I believe it is open to all.

It’s called the solidworks stimulus package

Thanks for the SolidWorks tip. Outstanding!

I am about to graduate school and have taken a fair amount of 3d courses. While my classes have been helpful, I have found one can learn anything they would ever want to know from the tutorials online. Just find something in your home you like and try to make a model of it. Forcing yourself to do that will make you explore online whenever you hit a wall.