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Two weeks ago I attended an Exhibition about Motorcycles & Design called MAD here in Milan, it really blew me away because I had never wonder this complicated relationship user-object, the mechanics, the aesthetics, the safety measures, the lifestyle of “riding”, the visual language and even the emotional side of a biker and his bike…Anyway I want to know more, any books, sites or blogs specialized in bike design? Thanks :smiley:

Hi Guno

You could check my site, as am designing motorcycles and parts.

Also check the MDA site Motorcycle Design Association

Motorcycle design is indeed interesting and complex, combining mechanics and design, man and machine. You should be interested in all and make it work all in combination.
I love it :slight_smile:

regards B-art

Hey Mr B-art!
jus t had a looksee at your site and I must say that I Love your thinking and drawings!
Most inspiring indeed . . . will defo be keeping your stuff on file for future reference as you seem to be able to represent the complex surfaces of your designs with an almost effortless competence. Bravo!

Thank You wallflower


cool,just go some great links out of this thanks