moooi / Chandelier

did someone see the moooi exhibition in milan?
if so, can someone tell me who designed the brilliant chandelier at the entrance?
(the one made of task lamps)


hey guy… the chandelier was designed by ron gilad at designfenzider…

there a small company based in nyc, there gonna be coming out with some more new stuff pretty soon so keep a close eye. but yah, that chandelier is pretty awesome. pretty pricey to.

intriguing designs.
i heard the designer is a lunatic though…

haha…thats funny that you have heard he is a lunatic…id like to hear more…let me know how you know this.

Here’s a shot of the lamp, for those that weren’t there (apologies for how dark the shot is, but you get the idea…):

Here’s some more Milan/Salone shots: Milan, Italy - Salone internazionale del mobile 2005 | Flickr

better than Arad

his personal website ( ) is too abstract for me