I think mood drawings are great. they give a skectch a personality. and I think for some purposes it lightens up a boring product…like tooth brushes. let me tell you i have seen some pretty funky tooth brush designs in one of my old classes and it really when u think about something so simple as a tooth brush and almost dull but a drawing can bring it to life…sounds like a disney film. well I just had to do an english presentation on mountain and speed bikes and i quickly just drew these two bikes and even though proportions and angles are off and is highly non functional (at this point in teh design process) it still gives the viewer a feeling . and the drawing carries a personality…like in the exagerated wheels, or its cartoonish forms…all adds to the mood. i would like to see other peoples mood sketches or sketches they feel like carry a personality with them.

also any tips or tricks to getting these quick renderings better…gladly taken

pretty moody!


anyone feel free to post.

come on dont be shy of the forum…

Wow! thats fantastic! How did you draw those? On a computer?

My model/concept drawing experience is limited to markers and paper at the moment! But this…this is something i want to aim for!

“I think they’re great!!”, my only thought is maybe a bit much on the wheels. I usually use templates for wheels at all stages of my process though, and the times I don’t, my aim is for a round wheel at this view. Maybe I’m not acually doing mood sketching. I’d like to see what the racing bike would look like if the rest of the wheels were sketched below the melt-line just one or two lines.

Oh, and really quickly drawn people riding the bikes.

keep it up, post some more

cool. i have sketches with exact wheels to scale, didnt get what i wanted out of it, maybe i will post. but AKgraphics post your pencil stuff. yea this was done on the computer. I use a laptop powerbook g4 15inch, 20inch lcd screen, and teh wacom drawing tab i thinks 9x12. but u can get the same feelings from pencils and markers on paper, just in my case run through the stuff (markers and pencils, and paper) plus kind of easier on the comp because alot of teh times i want to add color to my sketches but dont have the markers that i need…so the comp can become a great tool in many ways. but as for drawing with the tab it takes a while to get used to i am still doing drawing exercises on the tab to just get used to it.

I think on one of these there should have been a person just so that you can see scale and in some way how it performs with a person. but never took these sketches that far.

POST WORK… Make the most out of posts and the forum.

thanks for the comments…will post more sketches after this week is over…already a long week…too many papers to write…geez

thanks dygital for your encouragement :slight_smile:

I’m only 17, studying A-level product design, hopefully will take the Mechanical engineering MEng course at Imperial college london after school, and then do the postgraduate course in industrial design engineering at the RCA (thats the dream!).

As of this, my work isn’t as shiny as most that is posted here.

Heres what I can achieve with pens and markers. It’s a lot more tight than your style, but I havn’t got any scans to-hand of my loose, more-moody work!

doesn’t seem to look as good on-screen…or is it just the drawing? :S

AK this is a Great Post. yea maybe not soo moody. I love the line on the right where you said bright colors so that it wont get lost. and you went on to write about other problems or features I think this is great to see that you are thinking about these things as you are designing and from that stage you can focus on those problems that arose and deal with it. I like all that hand writing and direction. some of the dashed lines seem like a traffic jam but still works.

I can see that you have an eye for details which will be good for once you take this in to the computer if you decide to. the one thing i would watch are your curves and elipses.( I shouldnt be talking my bike wheels are the farthest thing from a circle) but with a more tight rendering the circles should be a lil more on point. did you do them by hand. tools like french curves and protractors or soda can bottoms (many circular objects out there) that you can use as a template to trace.

one other thing i was looking for was the buttons directions. you drew the buttoms but wht do they do?

also just one other thing to maybe think about. many times when camping the ground is exactly flat. it has bumps and is rocky or etc. did you consider this? I am not so sure that this bottom will stay upright and not tip. especially with the picture you showed where it looks very top heavey…just a thought.

but great work keep em coming.

also those bright colors will draw a potential buyer-very eye catching and the packaging should follow the same parameters. just something else to think about. i do communication design in school (graphic design) and we deal alot with package design.

cool project

wow! thanks for all the feedback! I actually crated the whole drawing out beforehand, (construction lines lost in scan!) and i ballsed up a lot towards the top! Buttons…i dont tihnk there were any buttons apart from the valve control…was a very cheap stove! just a gas output control, you had to light it yourself!

Well after I attended the Sustainability in Design weekend at Loughborough, my project has now evolved a new brief : moving away from gas as a fuel.

I’m now developing the concept, which has turned into a solar cooker!


keep me informed.