Mood Board Imagery

I am wondering if there is a search engine, or website that brings together imagery that ilicits a mood.

So, for example, if I plug “rugged” into this is what I get.

I’d like something that is more targeted, or brand(ish).

Anyone ever seen something like this? How do you go about these kinds of searches? Think, mood board creation.

PS…I know there’s been a big pissing match on here about whether mood boards are legal or not…Frankly I don’t really care if they are or not. Send the mood board police after me rather than stir that up again.

I’ve just wondered if there is an online resource for collecting this kind of information.

Have you tried pintrest?

Chevis W.

what do you mean more targeted/brand-ish? Google image results seem pretty good to me. You can always modify the search with boolean operators for example to eliminate a specific thing (ie. not trucks), or add "ie. (rugged brand).

You can also specify location, color, file size, etc.


Combine rkuchinsky’s recommendation with the browser plugin and you’ve got a real smooth (and fast) image browsing solution.

I use google images a lot. I’ve also collected a huge folder with all kinds of stuff that I add to every morning during my daily “look at” That’s good for adding those non-sequitor images that you wouldn’t think to add on a “rugged board” but actually kind of work and shift the scope a little.

I guess what I mean by more targeted is more…I don’t know the right word…automated? Smarter, maybe?

Google is good, but it still requires sorting through a lot of crap, a lot of repeats, and quite often, the image matches seem to be based more on the Image Tag, as opposed to content.

I imagine something more like flickr that allows people to take the images and sort them based on “themes” and then the search engine learns over time, and builds libraries of images that suit a “mood”, or brand.

I wasn’t aware of the boolean aspect of Google, but it still seems to be based on tags, not on actual content.

Ya, I know I should/need to be more of a collector, but I’m also thinking in today’s Social Media atmosphere, a site like I’m thinking could be a pretty interesting/powerful design tool.

ip have you tried a Tumblr search? people build out huge themed image threads that are all crosslinked to other tumblr pages of varying relatedness.

For “rugged stuff” you could start here and ride the infinite scroll as far as it goes (be careful) or start checking out where some of the cooler stuff is linked back from. Be careful though, doing this is EXTREMELY hazardous to actual productivity of deliverables.

Nope, haven’t tried Tumblr…I’ll give it a shot (with warnings of productivity compromises in mind).

People always ask me where I get my mood board images from and they are surprised when I say Google images… it is all in the art of the search query terms. Search for odd, eccentric variations in the terms you are looking for and use the tools R also said.

I also keep folders of stuff as I find it. I also frequent a lot of eccentric blogs and tumbler feeds like:
brave cadet: Archive and (not always safe for work on that last one)

There are hundreds of blogs like this that just post imagery. Surfing them continually gives you a sense for the moment.

I have a huge folder at work entitled: “misc design related photos”