Montreal for the week...

Hey Ray & other Montealites; Popped up here for the week & brought the family. I’ve been here, Mont Treblant, Ottawa and Toronto a few times for biz but this will be a laid back family week. We did Old Montreal & general sightseeing this weekend and checked out the Biodome & insectisarium today. What other cool stops should we make? I don’t see any designerly events/exhibitions, etc happening this week, any local design interests I should check out? I might pay the few University ID programs a visit for a look/see and might get a day pass to the Rogers Cup for some tennis but otherwise I’m looking for any leads on good stuff! Thx in advance

Schwartz’s and Dieu du Ciel are great non-design places to hit up in Montreal.

  1. Walk along the Lachine Canal. It’s beautiful and there are some nice places to stop for refreshments. It’s lined with closed warehouses, lofts, weird bridges and cranes.

  2. Climb the Mont Royal. It’s hike, but very beautiful. You can descend on the west side and go to the Notre Dames des Neiges cemetery. Very beautiful and many old tombs of interesting Canadians. I believe Anna who was the basis of the King and I is buried there.

  3. I think the fireworks festival is still going on. Check it out.

  4. If you like US history, check out one of the forts to the south of the city like Fort Chambly. It was captured by the US during the revolutionary war. Today, it is surrounded by some beautiful park land. Tranquil place, but not alot to actually do.

  5. For a little different feeling, visit Old Terrebonne. It’s just north of the city and has a beautiful old and small Quebec village. OK restaurants. Beautiful park with an old water wheel in it next to a somewhat old hydroelectric dam.

  6. Parc régional de la Rivière-du-Nord north of the city. Beautiful place to be outside.

Design interests: Check out St-Laurent boulevard for some cool boutiques. Mont-Royal subway station has some art and hipsters around it. I’ve been trying to think of something to make an IDSA activity out of, but I really can’t think of that much design-worthy to do in Montreal:/

Many thanks for the recommendations, guys - it was a great week!