Montreal bound...

Heading to Montreal this weekend for a Roadtrip and to run the Rock nRoll half Marathon. Staying near Plateau.

Any recommendations for design stuff to see, things to, eat, drink?

In Friday - Monday.



I’m thinking…

Eat: smoked meat at Schwartz’s deli. Kybher Pass has great afghan food (on Duluth in the plateau). Le Taj is great indian food, but a bit pricier than the other two places I’m pitching you. It’s on Stanley in downtown.

See: I’m gonna pitch the historic old Montreal. It’s filled with tourists, but beautiful and historic. Canada’s first parliment was in the parking lot on Place d’Youville in front of the custom’s office. There’s no plaque though. The history museum, Pointe a Caliere is good too.

Seeing a chansonnier is fun. Traditional french-canadian music. The bar Le Pierrot in the old Montreal is a good place to see one. It’s really packed and rockin’ though. Just be aware.

The House of Jazz, Upstairs and Diese-Onze all have great jazz. I highly recommend Diese-Onze if you just want to hear some great music and enjoy a drink. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of seeing a chansonnier!

I don’t know what festival is going on…but I’m sure there is something. I’ll let you google it.

Have fun and let me know what you think!

Restaurants that are famous in Montreal :

Pied de cochon (typical Quebec food in an upscale way)
Joe Beef (St-Henri)
Europea or Toqué If you are feeling upscale, be ready to drop the $$$.
Schwartz (Deli, Plateau)


La Distillerie (Plateau)
Buvette chez simone (Plateau)
Burgundy Lion (St-Henri)
Dominion Square Tavern (near downtown)
Grinder (st-Henri/Griffintown)


Musé des beaux arts
Musé d’art contemporain
There is also the Pop Montreal Festival at the moment lots of stuff going on :

How did you enjoy your trip Richard?

MTL was great. Didn’t get to do half of what I wanted, but highlights included-

“hangover” burger with full order of Poutine on it at Burger Bar (2014 Burger week winner). Burger was 8" tall.
Smoked meat pizza brunch at Cafe Parvis
Bagels at St. Viateur
Dieu Du Ciel beers for 4 hours
Broke Pub Brouhaha beers
Trois Brewers beers
Graffiti tour on Rachel st.

Race was also great, starting on Jacques Cartier bridge, all around the island and on the car race track, going through old montreal, finishing in Parc la Fontaine. 8min PR.