Branding project: creating a kitchen set (faucet, soap, and sprayer) to match the montblanc brand. This is the faked advertisement from a solidworks render, any input on form, presentation, or anything else is appreciated.

I think of Mont Blanc as being very very simple, with exquisite use of materials and details. This does not capture that for me. Would also be murder to clean. I used to not think as much about cleaning things, but as an adult, that is one of my key priorities when speccing bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This desin would need to be scrubbed with a toothbrush weekly.

I’d like to see more on the project other than the final board. Image board of Mont Blanc product, Boar of high end faucets this would compete with. A description if why Mont Blanc would manufacture this, how would it logically extend their brand, would they partner with a Kohler? A board on the intended buyer. Sketch development and a couple of physical sketh models. For something this tactile it helps to make a couple of sketch models.

I think it is a cool looking faucet. I’d like to see some more views to understand the form a little better.

As Yo stated, I’m not sure if this is really hitting on what Mont Blanc is. However, I’d like to see what your research uncovered. Do you have an analysis of Mont Blanc?