So is monster one of the better job location sites? There are coroflot, an obvious choice. Indeed, and a few others. But with monster I find that when I look at the actual companies web site the job specifications are different. Also moster makes you do more digging throught jobs that are totaly not in the correct field. And I cannot upload a pdf of my resume, I made it a jpeg and dropped it into MS word, but it dose not appear in the preview for it, so who knows if that is working? From a hiring managers point of view is it better to hunt down the contact info from the original site and email you that way? Or just go through monster (or others)?

If you are posting after my comment, I used mostly Canadian equivalents. There is a job board by the government,, and Plus, there are job posts through the ADIQ (equivalent of IDSA). Sometimes stuff pops up in the newspapers, although those are always doubled with something online. Not too many here in Montreal use Core, so maybe there are 50 posts elsewhere for every 1 post on Coroflot for my location.

In the US, IDSA has some real choice posts in the back of their monthly newsletter. I think it is all online too.

You can always scour as well, but usually those are local candidate only listings but it’s worth a shot.

From a small business standpoint, sucks. Very expensive, and you end up with a flood of applicants that have no business applying. And you also get recruiter/headhunter calls every other day which is another complete waste of time.

Craigslist is great locally, as are design oriented forums like Coroflot.

monster sucks…

you’ll get alot of spam and alot of fake jobs replies that tell you to register for another recruiter site…

most of the time the job title isnt even close to the position


Yeah, I search for ‘Industrial Designer’ or something that like. and tick off the ones that look like they might be something. And it is usually nothing. You can tell the recruiter one’s they always want someone who is an industrial designer who is proficient at AutoCAD. AutoCAD sucks, I don’t know any designer who uses, or would use it.

I scored my job from, oddly enough.

I scored my job from monster too.

I still use Monster; but indeed, Malakye, and Coroflot are more accurate.

I guess it was wrong of me to say that no designer would use AutoCAD. (I used AutoCAD, in high school) I think there are better options now however.

lol, too funny. i think people forget where solidworks and other mcad systems come from. autocad and cadkey used to be all there was! hahaha!

just to give the new kids a view, i work with oldtimers that STILL use cadkey, and they STILL beat me! one thing you have to remember with mcads, the fancier and more complex - the longer it takes get things done! after 10 years, i am just recently able to keep up with them!