Monoprice graphics tablet?

Has anyone ever used a monoprice tablet? I’ve been wanting an intuos tablet for forever but haven’t bit the bullet since I’ve never found a good price for one. I recently came across this and apparently monoprice is a good company and the tablet has had some good feedback. Of course I’m not expecting it to perform as intricately as the intuos’s but I’m curious as to what ~40 bucks will get me.

For the designer I’m thinking you’d probably be disappointed, but for $40 you can always give it a shot, if it really stinks you can probably return it and only be out a case of beer.

Looking at the pen, it has a battery which mean’s it’s an active digitizer. My experience with those is they are very bad at interpreting fast movements. A classmate had a Gateway tablet with an active digitizer and while it worked great for handwriting recognition and general input, when you started sketching with it if you tried drawing an ellipse at normal designer speed, the result would be very jagged and interpolated because it wouldn’t capture the data fast enough. Ultimately wound up returning the machine because of it.

If you wanted it for general pen input I’d say go for it, but for design I’m thinking it will be lackluster, but maybe the processing ability isn’t so bad.

I’d be interested in hearing more reviews from designers. I was looking at this a couple of months ago, and I think I was so hung up on how many more levels of sensitivity, or tilt detection or all these other fancy features that Wacom’s have (that I don’t really use in all honesty) and discarded the idea of buying one. Plus, I feel like Wacom is so respected in the design community, at least in the student community that everything else is automatically passed off as crap.
I’ve had a great experience with Monoprice in the past, it’s ABSURB how much some companies get away with charging for cables and converters (cough cough Monster) when Monoprice sells them at a fraction of the cost with no difference in quality to me or probably 99% of the users.
mmmmm… $40 is really tempting… just got paid too…